C'est la vie accepts only trendy, up do date fashion, vintage, and seasonal items. They must be in good condition and clean. With over 2000 consignors, we have to be very picky as to what we take and sell. We accept fall and winter from August to January and spring and summer from February to July. We sometimes keep and try items over the next season as they can take a while to sell, especially vintage and furs. Please review our drop off policies and contract for further details. 


C'est La Vie will sort through your items in the order in which they have been received. This can take between 4 days to a week, depending on the season. You will receive a phone call/message to find out if there are not taken items to be picked up and/or to sign a contract for items chosen for consignment. Deadline to pick up rejects is one week from our phone call/message, after that deadline not taken will go to donations. C'est La Vie is not responsible if you do not get the message, don't have voicemail or lost your cell.  To prevent that, please call us 7 days after your drop off if you have not heard from us.


Drop off clothing & etc. at our Main Street location

We do not take drop off's at our West 4th location
*with the exception of furs and vintage prior 1960's

C'est la vie split is 60/40 40% for consignors
(Except existing consignors prior June 2016)

All items are kept for an undetermined time frame, allowing them a better chance to sell. Consignors are able to claim any items that remain on sales floor and/or sales rack at any time. Any unsold or damaged items that are unclaimed from sales floor will now be donated to a transition house supporting women in abusive relationships.

If items are not found on sales floor they may be in process of being paid out/sold, in seasonal stock, if this is the case the consigner will have to wait for the item to be paid out or put back out on sales floor for next season.

Consignors are responsible for checking on their own account once every 2 month. Leave you name on pay out list and we will contact you at end of month.

C’est la vie can not be responsible for theft.

Thank you for consigning with us.